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How much web design cost in South Africa in 2020?

In this post I am going to show you how much web design cost in South Africa, and why website design company charge what they charge.

Yes, prices vary per requirements. Website design cost South Africa starts from R800 to R50 000+ depending on some of the following factors:

  • how big the design company
  • type of programming languages they use
  • type of content management system(cms) they use, or
  • where they start from scratch or use templates
  • The quality of work they produce and
  • More…

Know what you want

The first step starts with knowing what you want.

Whether the website is for your non-profit organisation, small business, and medium-sized company. Features it must entail, processes it should incorporate to help your audience make a purchase or better understand your offering.

Most clients when you start the process they do not know what they want, all they want is a website to market their businesses online. What we tend to do is to ask them to look at their competitors for illustration. This helps both us to know which direction we should take in terms of design and website design costs.

Know the purpose of the website you want to develop

This should be the thing that drove you to want to design a website. You might want a website to showcase your church, or a website to sell shoes online, or a website to sell your services in your local area or a website to build a personal brand (blog).

Knowing the purpose of the website will help you work on the right features of your website. I cannot stress enough how many websites we have developed without a clear purpose. That website always ended up back in the drawing boards and also cost of designing them changing all the time, thus incurring more costs.

Type of functionality do you need for your website

Knowing the features of the website you want to develop will save you a lot of money to start with. It’s simple, if you want a simple 5 pages website you will pay for that. If you looking for more complex features price will vary accordingly.


Features of the website may include:

  • Static vs dynamic website
  • Responsive and none responsiveness
  • Looking to add products
  • Online payment gateways i.e payfast.co.za / paygate.co.za
  • Registration forms / login page
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Social media integrations – add icons, widgets, pull social feeds to site, etc
  • Blog functionality
  • Reactivity on the website
  • Slideshows
  • And more

Knowing what you want for your website will help you get an accurate price for your website design project.

When you provide an example website to understand your requirements to be specific on the features you require and those you do not want.

How many pages do you need

Looking for cheap website design South Africa, you should be more specific on your requirements. Most web design companies charge their services based on how many pages they will design.

However, pages are not the only factors website design companies use to give you an accurate quote but it helps to know where to start and end during the process of website design. Most clients will give you a brief with 5 pages you end up doing 15 pages because the thing is discussed and agreed upon in the beginning.

How will you know the number of pages required? We can help if we know your market, competitors and your purpose. Or you can tell how many you want if you know exactly what you want. But simply you can consider having pages you need or pages that most website has:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Services/products
  • Gallery – images/videos
  • Projects
  • Contact us
  • Etc.

Each of the above will be considered 1 page. For small business website design 6 pages work well, if not sure ask your website design company providing you with a quote. Such a website will cost from R800 – R4000 depending on the designer.

Most companies showcase their website design prices in South Africa in their websites with the numbers pages the package entails.

Check our affordable web design packages

How big is your organisation?

Knowing the size of your organisation can also help in choosing the type of designs you going after.

A small business won’t mind a basic website design at a reasonable rate with minimal functionality, look and feel that is common. Most of them do not mind designers suggesting what their site look and function like. Their prices can range from R800 – R4000.

But a mid-sized to large enterprises know what they want i.e the content management systems, custom built websites – (node js, Laravel, Vue Js, Angular Js, etc), images, graphics, etc. They also have huge budgets for their web design projects. Their costs can vary


Website design prices vary per areas in South Africa. Web design in Johannesburg you likely to get the most affordable website design packages for website design project as there are more website designers than other cities, competing for work. Most clients in smaller towns would not pay R5000+ for web design services unless if its an established business and they do not want to shop around.

What are you paying for?

A website designer/developer is your go-to pro when you need a website.

A good web designer has gained skills and knowledge over many years of experience.  Most will hold a degree in computer science or a diploma from design school.  Some do further training in designs, typography, graphic designs, user experience, and more. The list goes on and on.

They constantly learning (on platforms like Udemy, Lynda.com) given their field is always changing to keep up with new trends in this rapidly changing industry.

Web developers work in a complicated field that is rare and in high demand.

Web designers like any other professional have expenses. They have families to feed, equipment such as computers, software, additional hardware, training courses. e.g

  • Office rentals: R5k +
  • Laptop: R20 000+
  • Adobe Suite: R25 000 +
  • Servers & Hosting: R4000 +
  • Etc.

Web Designer Skillsets

Web developers range in skills and experience, some are specialists in few technologies and are highly skilled in that. Some might be a specialist in front end development, while others focus on backend development.

While others are known as full stack developers and competent in both frontend and backend areas of web development.

A developer with a very niche and specialised skill set that is in demand can charge R3000 per hour while a general full stack developer can be as low as R500/hour.

Since websites are unique with different requirements and different amount of time to build, there are also different programming languages and platforms all comes with their pros and cons.

A WordPress developer is perfect for content based website up and running for a blog or small business or portfolio site.

However, if you want to build something complex like a social network, portal, website with custom functionality you might want Python, PHP or Ruby or Rail Developer. Each has their own frameworks to simplify the work. Example Php has Laravel to develop PHP custom websites quickly, while Python has Django, etc.

This can vary in price:

  • Wardress website: R800 – R5000/ hour
  • Laravel/Django Custom site: R300 – 2800/ hour
  • Ruby on Rail: R500 – R2000/hour

However, website design is cheaper in South Africa. It is unlikely that locals will pay the above amount in South unless if they hired by US or UK clients.

Extras to consider

Yes, we all want to pay a reasonable price for a web design project, but there is an additional add-on you might want to think of before you start your web design project. Have a budget for web hosting paid monthly or annually.   Also, do you have a budget for marketing to start driving traffic and converting users to clients? Below are some of the extras you might consider adding to your web design project:

  1. Web & email hosting

When we are done developing your website you will need a domain name (www.company.co.za ) and the domain is renewable annually. Domains can be purchased from a domain registrar or through your web hosting service provider when you purchase web hosting services.  Domain cost starts from R50 – R500 depending on the tld you choose. Local domains (co.za / za.net / .joburg / .capetown/ .durban) cost around R60 – R100

What is web hosting? Web hosting is where your website files get hosted on a server so your users can access your website online. A web host will ensure that your website files are secured and your website and emails are always online. Web hosting prices: R0 – R399/ month depending on the web host.

  1. Logo design

You will be surprised how many clients we come across who want a website while they do not have a logo. This is a deal breaker, you need a logo designed by a professional logo designer who knows colour theory and the type of design that would suit your business.

Good colour combination on your branding help to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Logo design costs: R350 – R4500 depending on the experience of a designer. check our pricing

  1. Are you going to need maintenance?

Another question to ask is are you going to need maintenance after development? Weekly, monthly or you will update your website yourself. Website maintenance costs in South Africa vary, some start from R300/hour + depending on the complexity of your website.

  1. Online marketing

Most website owners think after they develop website traffic and clients will come knocking at their websites. Well, that is not the case. In order to get plenty of traffic to your website you need online marketing campaigns for months to atleast start seeing ROI.

Depending on the market you in being profitable might take the time give high competitions in each market, especially if you got a new website search engines won’t just rank you to the top. Read about sandbox here.

Online marketing you can consider

Each has its own strength and weakness and its depend on your goal i.e brand awareness of leads generation. Also, the type of business you in matters.

We highly recommend you hire a digital agency or SEO Company that knows what they doing when you start looking for online marketing services.

  1. Content

If you want to dominate your niche online you really need to start off with good content on your website, content that will get you ranked over time. Know what works and what does not work. If you are not an SEO expert I would advise high someone who will write content that suite your offering and also considering search engines. Those who rank # number one on Google is not a coincidence but a well-written content satisfying search intents.

If you want images you would likely pay for photography or buy images from stock photos websites to avoid lawsuits. Here is a list of free websites you can get free stock images to use on your website.

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