Web Design Template

What is Web Design Template

A Web Design Template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new document. When you open a template, it is pre-formatted in some way. For example, you might use template in WordPress Website that is formatted as a business letter. Read more

Web Development

What is Web Development

What is Web Development ?

Web development refers to building, creating, and maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. Read more


What is CSS

Stands for “Cascading Style Sheet.” Cascading style sheets are used to format the layout of Web pages. They can be used to define text styles, table sizes, and other aspects of Web pages that previously could only be defined in a page’s HTML. Read more

Web browsers

What is Web browser

A web browser, or simply “browser,” is an application used to access and view websites. Most well-known web browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer(Microsoft Edge), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Read more


What is MetaData

Metadata describes other data. It provides information about a certain item’s content. For example, an image may include metadata that describes how large the picture is, the color depth, the image resolution, when the image was created, and other data. Read more


What is Webmaster

The webmaster is the person in charge of maintaining a Web site. The jobs of a webmaster include writing HTML for Web pages, organizing the Web site’s structure, responding to e-mails about the Web site, and keeping the site up-to-date.

On some Web sites you might see a phrase that says, “send dead links and other Web site problems to [email protected] ” At times, being a webmaster can be a rather arduous job. I received some dead links in the mail one time, and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.

What is HTML

Stands for “Hypertext Markup Language.” HTML is the language used to create webpages. “Hypertext” refers to the hyperlinks that an HTML page may contain. “Markup language” refers to the way tags are used to define the page layout and elements within the page. Read more



WYSIWYG Stands for “What You See Is What You Get,” and is pronounced “wihzeewig.”

WYSIWYG refers to software or tool that accurately represents the final output of the website during the development phase. For example, a desktop publishing program such as Photoshop or Illustrator is a WYSIWYG graphics program because it can display images on the screen the same way they will look when printed on paper. Read more

Web Page

What is Web Page

Web page are what make up the World Wide Web. These documents are written in HTML (hypertext markup language) and are translated by your Web browser. Web pages can either be static or dynamic. Static pages show the same content each time they are viewed. Read more

Web Design

What is Web Design?

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. Web design used to be focused on designing websites for desktop browsers; however, since the mid-2010s, design for mobile and tablet browsers has become ever-increasingly important. Read more